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The job finds YOU.

And once you’re hired you receive a bonus from us. Sounds good? Get the app and see how easy recruitment can be!

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Are you wasting your time again looking through job ads,
that don't get you any closer to your dream job?
hiree will do it for you.

We reward you for your time

hiree will pay you if you find a job with our app and continue beyond the probation period.

No resume

hiree challenges the traditional employee evaluation based on a pretty resume and focuses on your skills and how the job fits your expectations.

Your career is taken care of

At hiree, we care about your career, which is why we want to get to know you better to pair you with jobs that suit you best.

The job finds YOU

hiree will only suggest offers that meet your expectations. You can just sit back, wait, and decide with one click.

You eliminate recruitment gibberish

With hiree, you avoid spending hours browsing job postings - the recruiter verifies your skills, not the aesthetics of your resume.

hiree does not have a job board - you don’t have to read through long job descriptions or build an extensive resume, because the app learns about you and proposes solutions itself. You only get a few offers perfectly tailored to your needs. Then you decide whether you accept them, and if not - advanced Artificial Intelligence will draw conclusions and provide you with different ones - this is how it gets to know you!

hiree is all about a swift response - you have 7 days to react. If you accept our offer, we notify the employer, and he invites you to an interview. Thanks to this, your screening process lasts just a few days!

hiree shows a new, ethical recruitment culture - you have 7 days to react? So does your potential employer. First the notification, then an interview and you’re hired! The vetting process doesn’t drag on indefinitely, and you don’t have to worry if you’ll ever get a call back. Once the recruitment process is completed you can count on receiving a response no matter the outcome.

hiree relies on your skills - no more confusing job titles that all mean the same and require the same qualifications to perform identical tasks. The title does not matter to us. Skills do.

hiree is for you if

you are actively looking for a job or simply want to stay up-to-date with the job market

you are tired of building fancy resumes and constantly tailoring them

you want a quick process, without having to anxiously wait for a reply

you expect a position that matches your skills – no disillusionment

you are not impressed by fruit Thursdays and you don’t want any more embellished job ads

A few words about us

We are hiree - a close-knit team whose ambition is to change the old-school approach to recruitment

Team photo

Each of us has been gaining experience in both corporate environments and startups, among Polish and foreign clients, in projects for local and global brands.

We have learned that complaining doesn’t solve anything. We know that dreams alone are not enough.

All of the above allows us to perfectly combine vision with action. We add new technologies and user-centered approach to the mix and… we are starting a revolution!

By using hiree you support the recruitment revolution

When creating hiree, we came to the conclusion that nothing has changed in recruitment in the past 100 years. We have entered the digital age, but we are still dealing with advertising columns and newspaper-style job ads – the only difference is it’s online.

The recruitment methods tend to favor quantity over quality and the job interview experience is rough and unpleasant. Nobody pays you for the time spent in the recruitment process. You are often judged by the looks of your resume rather than by your qualifications, skills and experience. Resumes have become colorful gimmicks showcasing creativity and ingenuity.

Worse still, too many job search sites ask you to fill out exactly the same details in online forms anyway. You don’t know where did your resume get stuck on its journey, there is no salary information, and you are left high and dry.
Sounds familiar?

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